Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness:

Offers pragmatic tools to change things in your life that you haven´t been able to change until now. It´s about choosing dynamic life changing set of tools, techniques and body processes. One of the most used is a tool is Access Bars What if we could cure those areas of our body that do not work for us. We start bringing more joy, choice, consciousness and lifestyle in our life. How to learn to live life without stress and difficulty? Access consciousness is a set of tools and processes that are built to give everyone more awareness. Consciousness does not evaluate. It is the willingness and the ability to be completely conscious, completely present in all areas of our lives. Access will help us to realize ourselves, as an infinite being, in fact, and to enter into the possibilities of creating our life beyond the limits of what we have believed. As a certain (limited) being, we tend to function on the basis of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Acccess Consciousness releases polarity, imprisonment, conditionality, and limitations in thoughts and emotions Everything happens in the body by asking questions. Access Bars works on a mental level and removes from the body all ideas, feelings, emotions, ideas, opinions, patterns that are stored in our body cells. Body processes work a bit differently than Access Bars. We work directly on the body and transcribe in another way what is stored in the body. We do not throw away this information from the body but let it be reprogrammed by triggering some energy that is our own body