Activation of lymph

This Body energy process works primarily with the lymphatic system and the gland system, especially for hearing, ears and clogged sinuses.

How this body process works on the body:

The hands are placed on the body in certain given positions and the energies of the body are activated. A process that activates the lymphatic system and helps with the excretion of toxins and heavy metals from the body starts.
People who have hearing problems, have a ringing in their ears or hear badly, this process can be a great choice for them. As little children, we have heard everything, but if children hear that parents are arguing or talking about problems they do not want to hear it, and they are giving information to their bodies to block it in some way, and it destroys their hearing in adulthood. The belief that we do not want to hear some things is reflected by actually arranging the body for it to be so.
It is a benefit for everyone, the session is very dynamic and kind to the body.