Acoustical body


The key to everything is your allowance and acceptance of change. Come and experience this amazing adventure. It is a very experiential process where you can cry but also open the joy and find out what a gift is hiding inside of you.  Discover the magic of your body, his capacity and what it can be created beyond the reality. ACOUSTIC BODY is a loving treatment consisting of multiple body processes that activate playfulness, creativity, a sense of security and love and allowance in your body.

Are you willing to go beyond the limits? Enter into more expansive, more spacious and joyful creation. Discover the space of infinite possibilities, bring chaos into your life so your current patterns can be melt, change it. Do you allow that?

It is ideal to run this process every day for at least 21 days to get the highest possible effects. I look forward to seeing you and creating beyond your fantasy. 

Special offer in distance : 21x 35 minutes 11 500 kc