Genetic loading

Energy body process – Genetic loading from family, generic clan, authorities etc.

Our body keeps all the accumulated traumas, unprocessed emotions. It depends all what settings we have in our head, we attract the situation into our life.  Can you imagine if we could overwrite the information in the cells? There are over 50 body processes that can change cell settings, eliminate pain, free up everything that prevents our lives from  the way we want it. The only thing is the willingness to receive and be absolutely present.

How this body process works:

During our life we ​​try to imitate and understand other people. It is the natural ability of the body to adapt to the rest of the world. To understand other people, not only physically but also energetically, we can lock the similarities. The effort of the body is to find a place in someone else’s space.

E.g. when you are in a relationshing, you are trying to adapt to be able to be together (so the other person accepts you). How many times have you hear others to say that  you look like your mother or your father? Do you look really like them or are you just trying to make your body look like theirs, because that’s what others still tell you how you look and you behave. This is often the case if you admire someone, you try to understand the person and imitate. The way of their thinking is then written into your body and it´s not easy to get rid of it. The treatment must be done often because you have tried to understand a lot of people.

After the session, I run another body energy process that can only be done after this process. This is an increase in brain capacity. It takes only 8-10 minutes. The process activates and expands brain functions and their capacity. It improves memory and, overall, one feels better