Cellular memory

Energy body process

Our body keeps all the accumulated traumas, unprocessed emotions. It depends all what settings we have in our head, we attract the situation into our life.  Can you imagine if we could overwrite the information in the cells? There are over 50 body processes that can change cell settings, eliminate pain, free up everything that prevents our lives from  the way we want it. The only thing is the willingness to receive and be absolutely present.

If trauma is stored, for example after an injury, surgery, death, scar, or painful body spot, we can touch it and go to the point where the cell memory is created. This body process unlocks the trauma and bring us back to the natural state of the body – to heal itself. Lots of pain in our body is the result of the injuries that we had as small children and we have not even noticed that. The Cell memory is about unblocking, erasing the cell record. (It returns cells before trauma) In this process, it is possible to let run additional energy processes that dissolves the trauma. It is an incredibly dynamic process that creates miracles by allowing the body to choose to heal. It is also used on animals The ideal time is 50-60 min