Where the energy body process work:

Body processes Ist regarding energy that is own to each body and i can activate it. Our body holds all the accumulated traumas, unprocessed emotions from the past. According the programs or gens we attract situations or people to our life and ist not always pleasent. Sometimes it can be very frustrating and it can repeat and one asks how this is possible and why is that happening. What would it be if we could overwrite the information in the cells? I know more than 50 various body processes that can change cell settings, remove pain, free up, it gives power to create life that we desire. What is important fort he body is allowing to receive and be in present.

This process activates the energies of many topics. The bodies love this process and I use it a lot. It can be given to the immunity system (liver, spleen and kidney, thymus), activate your hormonal system (hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal gland, thymus, adrenal gland), or the whole body includes the spine, joints, bones, ribs, knees.