Body release and relax

Our body holds all the accumulated traumas, unprocessed emotions, and even what we have settings that we attract based on formulas and programs. What would it be if we could overwrite the information in the cells? There are over 50 body processes that can change cell settings, eliminate pain, free up everything that prevents our lives from being the way we want it
Every body will show what it really needs. All that matters is the willingness to receive and be absolutely present. The process has two specific energies that are used in pains from overworked or exhausted muscles. Mostly are used together, but in extreme cases (such as a coma patient) they can be used one after the other subsequently. As people get older, their body is constantly less flexible. In essence, people lock their bodies into an anaphylactic shock system where their body begins to block. The process acts from the inside out, the muscles are able to relax. It also frees us from certain assumptions about why it is necessary for the body to be withdrawn.
It is very suitable for people who have overworked muscles both mechanically and physically, under pressure from criticism and can not cope with it in any other way than by pulling it into the body. A great technique for a dancer or singer who has somehow shuffled his voice or body. If you compete in something, have this process done after the competition. If you have one of those things when you move and your body locks, this process unlocks it.