Courses of Access Bars®

Courses of Access Bars® in Brno   capacity of the course two people

Termin is 12.11 saturday   from 9 till 18 - this course is only for english speaking people.  1 free place

If you are interested to learn a simple but very effective Access Bars® method, then this page is  for you. Welcome to the world that you can begin to create yourself beyond your imagination.
This method is the main pillar of Access Consciousness, everybody who is open to learning something new and also longing for change, can learn it. In just few hours, you get into your hands powerful tools that can change your life forever.

What includes the course and what you will learn

  • First of all I will introduce you the Access Bars® founder, how it all came and how this method works.
  • You will see an instructional video and all Access Bars® positions.
  • During the course you will learn how the Access Consciousness clearing statement works
  • you will learn to work with questions that I personally consider very important and they open up unbelievable possibilities. I will give you various clearing clauses
  • You will learn about three body processes, TSS, Exit Stage Left, and Thymus Exercise for energy.
  • The course includes a number of other simple techniques that we will practise together so you understand everything and you will be able to apply it instantly in your everyday life.
  • Everyone will receive 2 sessions and 2 times will provide the session to remember faster the positions.
  • During the day I will prepare the snack, fruits and drinks for you
  • You can meet other people and you will be able to change regularly the Bars with other people    

You can apply this method not only professionally with clients, but also in families, children, friends, and with anyone who is interested in it. Each participant receives an Access Bars® certificate from the company of Access Consciousness. You will get the actual official Access Bars® manual in English and all the Bars maps that will guide you in the right position in your head. Do not worry, everyone learns the Bars during the day. I will explain you everything, show you and I believe that we will enjoy the whole day together in ease.

The price of the course was settled by the founder of Access Consciousness, the price for the first course is from 6300 CZK according the country, each other is CZK 3150. 

I make the courses  in the salon and it all depends on the amount of people. If you wish to have a course just for yourself, a VIP class, one to one, its possible to do it. But i charge for that extra 1500 cz. I will not offer that termin to anybody else and you can use this time for you. 
If you have any questions about the method or course, do not hesitate and write me. I’m here for you and I’m looking forward to a meet you.

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