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Did you fall in love with this body process and you wish to enjoy it regularly? Or are you interested in the opportunity to take care of yourself more, keep you younger, revitalize your body? There is a possibility to learn it and spoil your body with all-day care not only for your body but also for your soul. On the course you will meet similar oriented people, whom you can meet regularly and enjoy the relaxation and sharing experiences. By activating the energies own to each body, you will start feeling a very kind, caring and deeply relaxing touch on the body. The main focus is to heal our body, organs, trigger a self-healing process, harmonize the body, and the side effect is to stop aging. Everyone can do this process on their own and this is a great advantage. Of course, it is always better to exchange with someone for bigger changes in the body. However, if something bothers you, you can help yourself.
Access Energetic Facelift is an amazing process by which you can remove signs of aging in your face. For multiple repetitions, the effect is permanent. How many fixed angles do we have about our body? What if body aging is just a point of view that can be changed?
During the day you will learn all about this body process. I will explain to you the cleaning statement we use, you will get 2x a session and 2x you give it. I will tell you a lot of interesting things from practice, how I use it, what I learned and various stories what all is really possible. I believe you will love this process as much as I do. You will see an instructional video with different ways to use this energy.
After the course, each student receives an internationally recognized certificate. You become a trainee and you can add this session to your work portfolio or use it for yourself, family, friends.
For whom it is intended: for anyone who likes to touch, to eliminate stress, who wants to see the beauty, likes to take time for himself or even cares for other people. Young people look for Access Energy Facelift because they have beautiful skin after it, especially those with acne problems. Smoothes wrinkles, targets and scars. The method is simple, everyone will learn it. You will get a manual in Czech or English, and a map with recommended positions.
During the day I will provide snacks, fruit, drinks.
The price is given by the founders, for adults 7950 CZK, repetition 2700 CZK. Each country has its price and it is according the rules of access consciousness
To make a reservation, please pay CZK 2000 (the rest before the start of the course) or the full amount to account 2300196526/2010