About me

My name is Eva Zavadilová and I was born in Brno.  I started to pay more attention to massage bodywork many years ago. I have always admired this work and how it relates to a whole-body wellness approach. I have worked for several years with energy, mostly with Reiki, Shambala 1024, and Imara Reiki. I met a great teacher, and thanks to her I could discover my talent for this beautiful  profession. It’s amazing how well it works and I love to share my knowledge.
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Later I realized that classic massage is not enough nowadays. It is a foundation on which one builds, but there are many other interesting massage techniques to add. Gradually I found reflexology and Chinese pressure massage to add to my services. I have always been fascinated by the body and its ability to be stimulated through several points and how they help people with various health problems. I do not seek pharmaceutical medications. On the contrary, I always seek solutions and assistance in alternative medicine and in what I can bring in added-value. I went through courses taught by the husband and wife teachers, MR. & Mrs. Pataky, who are pupils of George Janča – a groundbreaker of reflexology and alternative medicine in our country. It is amazing what can be done through a harmonized pressure on certain points, possibly with the help of psychotherapy. After these courses, I began to pay more attention to Chinese pressure massage (acupressure), meridians and acupressure points. This massage is very popular because it is very effective.


The World of  massages  is very interesting and varied, so I’m still learning new techniques. The important thing for me is that in this job I work with my senses and perform it with love. I am empathetic and I treat each client individually. I do not work on quantity, it is more important for me to focus on the quality and a client´s satisfaction. Massages are also an amazing way to relax, that can not only solve a number of health problems, but also to benefit a person mentally and ‚switch off‘ from everything to let yourself be seduced by touch, smell and beautiful music.

In 2013, I decided on a new massage experience and I graduated from a holistic sensual tantric massage school in Prague. The school includes several courses in which it is possible to learn a variety of massage techniques that are a new direction in the world of massages. At first I thought that I just wanted to extend my range of massages, but after the first course, I realized that I was there mostly for myself. I realized a lot of things related to sexuality, which for many people is still taboo. Many marriages or other relationships breakdown from stereotypes, a lack of tenderness and touching. But thanks to special massages with warm rituals, one can turn back to harmony, love awakens in itself, opens the heart and can deeply relax to switch off from daily worries.


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In addition to massages I was always interested in psychology, spiritual science and alternative medicine. A few years ago I took several courses, including “How to work with your own subconscious”, “work in the Alpha level,”  and “how to face emotions.” These courses literally changed my approach to the world and thanks to the constant work on myself  when I reveal my worst side, I find a way to better myself. Despite everything that’s going on, I try to be positive and believe that it will be still better. I believe that everyone is in their lives architect of its own fortune. How one thinks affects the way life is lived. Negative thoughts attract negative things and vice versa – positive thinking can significantly improve your life. Mastering your mind is difficult, but to learn how to use your subconscious mind for its positive purpose is possible. When you want to change something positively, then good things come into your life.


In January 2018, the new Access Bars method came to me. My client first told me about it and it made me curious. At home in the Internet I searched for everything that I was able to find about this method and  I felt that I want to experience it. For 10 years I have tried various methods, techniques, regression therapies. I know very well that how a person lives what is happening in the life, its for the settings what we have in our head and according the formulas of behaviour, the body decides how to react. It always fascinated me the whole body and the mind. I went through several sessions of Access Bars. People always have expectation and they wish so much that one session can change completely the whole life. I gave it the time and I didn´t judge it immediately. There is no need to know everything in detail how this method works. The body knows and we just open ourself and trust it. Already after the second session, I was able to relax so deep and all the thoughts were away. It was such an amazing feeling that it´s hard to explain it. After each session I became more aware of what Im saying and I heard what people say and what programs come out. I was so surprised by what was happening in my life and many AHA moments came to change the way. I decided to invite this new method into my life and I offered that to my clients. During the whole year I attended many intensive courses and I learned other new energetic body processes, working with entites, clearing situations, working with questions and much more. I opened myself to become a certified access bars facilitator and Im preparing first class in Brno. This is a new challenge in my life and I am looking forward to meet new people and pass them my experiences, teach them this method on head but also other easy but very effective techniques that everybody can start using every day. When you learn it, I am sure you will find the life more easy and you start enjoying creating much more. When an unexpected situation comes, one can feel collapses from that, so that you can handle it with ease and open up for new possibilities. I am very happy with the feedback from my clients, I always say what else is possible and how everything can be even greater than it is. Sometimes one realizes the change after a few months, sometimes it can be earlier. Each body is individual and has its time to change.

For  all massages, methods I have certificates

I also speak  English,  Italiano and deutsch