The connection of body and soul

Relax holistic massage in Brno

If you like to choose what you would like to experience during a relaxing massage, this massage is for you. You can make this massage yourself by selecting from 4 to 5 relax techniques, and I will create it for you. Of course, I can advise you suitable techniques that don´t beat each other but they support each other. It’s like choosing  pizza ingredients, everyone prefers something else. The basis is either oil massage or without

From what you can choose:

classical massage, lomi lomi  massage, head massage, face, gum massage, feet, hands, aromatherapy, hot stones, hot towels, various furs, brushes, sarong, ice, hot chocolate, peeling, various scratching hands, Tibetan sounds bowl, combination of energy body process. Open your fantasy and tell me what you like or what you want to experience. I believe that this massage will bring you also a deep relaxation and  you will love it as well as other massages I have prepared for you in the past