Distance energy treatment

This extraordinary situation, which does not allow me to go to work and isolates all of us, is very difficult and many things, fears, programs come out to the surface. Everybody is different, but in the end we all wish to stay healthy not only physically but also mentally and to manage it financially not only for individuals but also for our beloved ones, parents, grandparents. The crisis can bring everyone closer together, more consciousness and we are more aware of empathy and assistance to others, and that is very good.

However, people speak and ask for something to relieve stress, relax and calm the mind and not to become crazy. It is a new situation for all of us, some have lost their jobs from one day to the next, someone has a job and is again exposed to others and needs to protect themselves more. And we don’t know how long it will take… weeks, months… .What is important for me personally is not to stay alone and it helps me to communicate with my family and friends over the phone or internet and know that they are all fine, healthy, they keep calm mentally and they believe that this situation cannot last long and even if it seems like helplessness, we are not helpless because we have everything that is offered to us. It is spring, everything starts to bloom, nature shows us its beauty, we can see the sun, we have something to eat, where to live, we have our loved ones around, we are healthy. Although the economy is standing, the planet Earth has a chance to breathe, recover from everything. How can this benefit all of us in the future?What’s under all that we don’t see? How can this situation make us more strong? What can we do differently and better to create a new, healthy and safe world for all of us?

I also realize that we will either panic, worry and deal with news that is constantly increasing the number of people infected in the world, which is quite depressing, or we can focus on something more beneficial. When we stay calm, then we can be more in our power, courage, potential capacities, new ideas come and we can start to create something completely different that we had not even thought of that before. Will you choose that?

As a result from the government, I cannot work with people personally like all the others. I have prepared a small offer not only for people who somehow feel lost in all this and they don´t  know what to do with all this, but also for all who want to move forward somewhere, open new opportunities, creativity and more capacities. I have experienced the various energy processes and I have been practicing it remotely every day with various friends who live in other cities or countries over the year. I see it as a quick help and you can really focus for everything. For lightness, increased immunity, more joy, creativity, new possibilities, relieve stress and fear, courage, etc. I know a large number of bodily processes that I combine differently and listen to the body that is important to it. 

Session in practise: either over phone or skype or whatsapp. In the beginning, tell me what is your topic or focus for the session. I would need have your photo or see you through the camera to connect to you better. After the session just such a fine-tuning, your feelings or we can finish clearing what you need. I can give you simple techniques that I teach in courses, or questions that you can ask yourself every day and that open up new possibilities. What is important, each person is individual and each distance session will be different. I personally receive a lot more from a distance session than from the personal one. But it’s okay, even if you don’t feel anything at all, it works. We were learned to doubt about things when we don’t feel anything and naturally comes in mind that it can´t work. It is only our limitations and conclusions. What if we can clear that in the beginning all the doubts? For someone it can be a new experience and can find out that it can be a very strong intensive session. I recently taught this tool to my friend and she was very surprised how strong the distance session was and how many things she allowed to realize and relieve.

The advantage of this session: you don’t have to travel anywhere, from the comfort of your home, and you can relax much more and let go your feelings. Currently I offer 30 min and 60 min. 15 minutes free of charge with communication for each session. If you desire, I can do a longer session. There is a possibility of distance Reiki too, I have three levels of initiation and 12 years of experience. I do different things like clearing meridians too, experience with Shamballa, Imara and many others.

You can call 00420 606 068 445 or write to zivydotek@centrum.cz, after receiving the amount to the account 2300196526/2010 (or screenshot of the payment sent) we will arrange a date and we can start working. I am looking forward to something completely new and how many people can I now benefit from in this way?