My warm caress

If you like the smell of exotic and faraway places I prepared a combination of warm techniques for you. Hot lava stones in my hands have the power to give a warm delight to your skin. You will detect the alternating perception of water and fire with your senses. Each part of your body has its own ritual and you can let it run.

Massage with warm lava stones is one of the best therapies for total relaxation and regeneration. A combination of heat, touch, and aroma ranks among the queens of massages which makes clients enjoy unforgettable experience. The body pervading heat can awake incredible energy. In addition I use hot towels during massage.


Effects of massage:

It affects energy centers and meridians. If health problems arise these meridians will be blocked and impassable. The energy won’t flow and you may feel tired, irritated, exhausted and sick. During massage the energy centers are activated and stress and toxins are removed from the body. The cleansing process and detoxification will start and the whole body will be regenerated.

Massage relieves spasms, muscle stiffness, dissolves pain, regenerates tissues and opens skin pores. It improves a blood circulation, strengthens the lymphatic and immune systems. It speeds up metabolism. Massage brilliantly improves sleeping, concentration and relieves inability to relax. It has excellent influence on your psyche. It’s recommended for people who are constantly under pressure and are forced to give top performance in a short time.


Prior to the massage it is recommended to start drinking of water because the lava stone technique produces four times stronger detoxification of the body than a classical massage. Even after the massage it is important to drink and remove toxins from your body.

When massage is not suitable – contraindications:

  • Intolerance / allergy to heat
  • Infectious diseases, inflammation, fever, post surgery status
  • Injury (open wound), severe bruising
  • skin problems, sun burns, varicose veins
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure
  • Diabetes, Epilepsy
  • Strong and painful menstruation and pregnancy

If you suffer from one of these mentioned contraindications, however you get massage and you insist to have a massage from me, I will ask you for clearance from your doctor before giving a massage.