The pearl from Hawaii

The exceptional massage combines the most desirable Hawaiian lomi lomi techniques and hot lava stones. It guarantees you a feeling of total well-being and detachment from all worries. You will perceive only my touch in a variety of fast and slow intervals, smell and enjoy listening to a pleasant music that will take you into other dimensions. During the massage I use high quality almond and coconut oil or another brand of oil can be used if you wish. You can choose from ready mixed thai massage oils such as Sakura, lotus, jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, citronella, lavender and other exotic flowers.

Hawaiian massage “lomi lomi” is called a pearl among massages. Very smooth, soft and deep styles of massage are performed with not only fingers and palms but also forearms and elbows. In conjunction with the scent of aromatic oils the Hawaiian massage has a very high therapeutic and relaxing effect. It focuses not only on physical and mental area but also spiritual energy.

Effects of massage:

It stimulates natural strength of the body. It removes much of physical, mental and energy blockades, induces deep relaxation and harmonizes the whole body. It also removes muscle tension, relieves muscle spasms and joint connections. It stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic system. Improves neurological problems and immune system, detoxifies and enhances the feeling of peace. You will connect with yourself and may find answers to the questions that burden you. It combines the effect of Hawaiian massage and hot stone technique.

 Effects and contraindications of lava rock are described in “My Warm Caress”

 When massage is not suitable – contraindications

  • infectious diseases
  • inflammation, postoperative status
  • skin problems, wounds, bruises
  • burns
  • varicose veins (varices)
  • pregnancy (within 3 months excluded)
  • diabetes, epilepsy
  • cancer and heart disease