Rainbow scents

Deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage. This massage can dissolve very well physical strain, depression, sadness and stress among others. The basis of the massage is high quality therapeutic essential oil brand Vivasan, Young Living Essence or the oils brought from Thailand that you can select before the massage. The tuning of mental process can be achieved by combining of the oils. Massage involves treatment of the head ( bio hot sesame oil) and face. As a longer alternative (180 min) I offer external and internal experiential massage of the gums, ears and nose or stimulation of the acupressure points on the face and head. At the end of the massage I will prepare a blend of essential oils whose smell you can inhale deeply from the attached hands or you can buy the scent for home use. After the massage you can take a shower or keep the aroma on your body and it will continue healing you for several days.

Aromatherapy means a treatment by using scents. It combines the benign effect of massage and vegetable and essential oils. Essential (aromatherapy) oils have healing power for emotional, mental, and energy areas. Essential oils are natural oils obtained from herbs, plants, flowers, trees, branches, grasses, fruits and flowers. They are natural products that contain chemicals widely used to treat many diseases due to minimal or no side effects. Aromatherapy massage essential oils are used exclusively in conjunction with supporting oil, preferably cold-pressed vegetable oil. (coconut, almond, olive, sesame, sunflower)

Effects of massage:

With the aid of essential oils it harmonizes the whole body and soul. The aroma has a big impact on the psyche and condition of the body. It affects all body systems, can build up your self-confidence, release emotional blocks, improve clarity of thought and induce optimism. Massage relaxes and refreshes at the same time.

When massage is not suitable – contraindications

  • Allergy of essential oils, inflammation, cancer,
  • epilepsy, diabetes, high or low blood pressure (not cured), heart disease
  • pregnancy, varicose veins, infection, fever

If you suffer from one of these mentioned contraindications, however you get massage and you insist to have a massage from me, I will ask you for clearance from your doctor before giving a massage.