Life touch for your body and soul

You can choose my portfolio according to your wishes. I specialize for ACCESS BARS method, I also teach this method in my courses,  CREATION OF MIRACLES -allowance, kindness, miracles and creation beyond the limits, ENERGY FACELIFT also courses, various energy body processes, HEALY AND MAGHEALY -frequency and quantum devices – Contact me for more information. I will be happy to advise you

My services do not replace medical treatment or pharmaceuticals. The target of my services is not to cure you, I am not a healer. All I can do is, to be in the presence with your body and being a help get into a relaxed state of harmony. When the body is calm and stress-free, you can connect with yourself and the body starts a self-healing process. Every stiffness, pain, weight, discomfort in your life causes what thoughts you keep in your mind, how you created them and than manifested in your life. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. It is a journey to connect more with yourself, with your intuition, to have a trust. And above all, you learn to love yourself, you accept who you are, you can live the joy and dared to acknowledge the miracle in you. You can work with everything and every trouble has its own solution. I combine sitting differently according to what the body just wants and what it dares to accept.


  • towel service
  • heated massage bed (from October till May)
  • beverage service
  • bio almond and coconut oils