My relaxing massages in Brno

Živý dotek massages Brno – the possibility of choosing the right massage according to your own wishes. Massages can be combined to increase efficiency. I offer the experience of holistic harmonizing massages, new methods ACCESS BARS, ENERGETIC FACELIFT, body processes, several kinds of tantra massages for women that completely harmonize you and increase your experience with several levels. And of course classic massage, acupresure and various combinations. Contact me for more information. It´s a pleasure for me to advise you what to choose.

Massages are a wonderful means of relieving tensions in organism and reviving a tired body, easing stress and preventing pains. The art of massage combines perfectly mastered technique and overall concept of spirit and body which is typical of eastern medicine and lifestyle. Discover beneficial effects of massage…. The price of the massage includes:

  • use of high quality aroma oils from Switzerland, thai aroma oils, american Young Living and czech aroma natural oils Hanna Maria
  • towel service
  • heated massage bed
  • beverage service
  • skin treatment with bio cosmetic
  • shower before or after the massage
  • bio almond and coconut oils

What do massages bring:

  • In today’s busy world when stress is considered the main cause of many physical and mental difficulties are massages particularly important. They bring harmony of body and soul.
  • The massage restores vitality, provides the body with new energy and starts process to remove toxins and other harmful substances from the body. It relieves tense and aching muscles and accumulated stress.
  • In treatment for musculoskeletal difficulties it relieves muscles and joints, improvesblood circulationandmuscle stiffness but also works very effectively to improve the activity of internal organs and the nervous system.
  • From birth we perceive touch of others as an expression of affection, trust and security and even without realizing it in the hectic times of today our body does need a human touch.
  • Classical massage is one of the manual relaxation techniques affecting immediately and all at once not only the physical, but also mental state of the person massaged. Removes fatigue, weakness, stiffness and muscle shortening and soreness. It relaxes the body and mind very pleasantly.