what is Access bars


Access Bars – welcome in the world of unlimited possibilities

Through gentle finger touches in various combinations that are related to specific life topics, we let the energy flow to unblock the space and activate it again. This revolutionary method allows you to quickly change your consciousness and unlock what is needed. Access Bars has 32 points on the head that store all your destructive thoughts, emotions, feelings, opinions, beliefs and attitudes, patterns that we have taken from other people. Session of Bars is like pressing DELETE on your computer – this deletes unneeded items and does not allow to return this content back. Bars can be used to facilitate change in any area of ​​your life. If you are willing to live more of consciousness, you are willing to open the way to healing. Bars is about teaching the body to receive. True accepting allows your body to create new choices and new possibilities.

Thousands of people have used Access Bars to change many aspects of their body and their life, including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

The treatment by me: You can share with me what bothers you and what you come up with, if you wish that. I can add body process to make the treatment more effective. You can either choose it according to your situation or I will be happy to advise you. During the session it is possible to do the clearings, which will strengthen the release of programs not only from the body but also from the subconscious. With Access Bars, there is no need to know what bothers you, your body knows what you are up to and what it can release by one session. After the treatment I will be happy to give you a few questions that you can use every day to attract what you want to your life.
The lenght of my sessions- 
60 min – this is mostly for people who already know this method and come only for this, but also for the beginning. Only when you need to speak longer then its shorter time for the Bars sessions. 
90 min – this is a usual time of the session. There is a consultating part, we can clean something through questions, the method Access Bars, I always let run together a body proces for releasing traumats so its more effective. After the session, you can relax, or give feedback what you feel, a little snack to get grounded. 
120 min - Accept Access bars you can choose a body process, or you choose it alone or I can help you with the choice. When its time, i can combine more body processes or it also depends on your body what is the contribution for it. This session is more intensive and I have more experiences with people from this longer sessions. We have time 120 min, when you decide that you will talk one hour and one hour Access bars or body process, it´s also possible. I have more than 300 different sessions with people and each is different.

The healing session lasts from one hour to 90 min, for children under 15 years, 30 min. The therapy continues running another 2-3 weeks (it depends) and during this time, things are still freeing from your life. It´s not recommended to have just one treatment, because during the first session can be opened something and the body needs to time to let all go. Access Bars changes lives to people. The best effects are seen usually after 3-6 sessions (depending on a client´s situation). After each treatment usually people feel relaxed, empty from all thoughts, having a good mood and energy. It´s also possible to feel sadness, to cry if somethings comes out, or feel very tired. But the state usually lasts shortly.