Release from Abuse

Clearing abuse, manipulation, being a victim -

How many “skeletons” do you have in your life that
do not allow you to live in harmony and you still meet people or situations
that are repeated and fall into the same loop of abuse over and over again and
end up in the role of a victim?

Abuse has many forms and many faces. It can come from us or from others. It affects your actions and how you see yourself in relationships, at work, and anywhere. It limits your capacity to receive, to have the lightness and joy to create the life you desire. What would it be like to release these forms of manipulation from your body and release the programs, beliefs and constraints from which you function?
This body process is very powerful, inducing and releasing
forms of abuse from cells, organs wherever they get locked and keep you like in
a prison without a change, and with longer time it can be destructive fort he body.