Intensive chinese touch

It is a very effective massage. During this massage I will diagnose several important acupressure points, on the basis of which I will determine the cause of the problem and then stimulate until the pain is released. This massage is focused at harmonizing, functional and energetic balancing of the body and the immunity gets stronger. The massage is harder, but it goes deeper and releases the problematic parts more quickly. Massage A stimulating Chinese touch includes elements of classic massage, relaxing all the muscles and stimulating acupressure points. This combination makes this massage unique. At the massage I work with gel flasks and Chinese gua-sha aid, possibly with moxa to warm up some acupressure points. In case of interest, I can also do psychotherapy for stronger pains, breathing techniques and working with your emotions, which will provide faster relief for your body.
I can also combine with the diagnosis of feet.