Miracles with body

Brno – Miracles with body

This is a very deep technique that can change your life. The body hides a lot of emotions, feelings, injuries, pains, stresses, limitations and traumas that can gradually grow into a physical pain or even psychological problems. Your body can create miracles, allow yourself to receive and also let go things. Release what has long been unsuitable and immerse in your body. Be kind to yourself.
This procedure is completely new, which I created for a long time. It is a pressure but very pleasant and oil-free massage. I have connected several techniques from regenerative massages to stretch, activate muscles, tissues, head, legs, relax the spine and thus the whole body. I have involved the various energies of the Access Consciousness that everybody has in the body and I just activate them so they work for you. Before and after the procedure I will connect you with acoustic vibration with an intention of your choice. Do you want more lightness, joy or abundance in your life?