Magic hands

You will be pampered so much that you will wish the massage to be endless. It is determined for tired people who may be inclined towards a longer type of massage. I compiled this intuitive and holistic massage from several techniques so that you could enjoy the experience from each of them for a while. There are included techniques from six types of massages (classical, Hawaiian,  relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, hot stones, and anti-stress head massage).

You can feel a relief of all your muscles and gradual feeling of gentle and loving touches that harmonize with the aid of aroma, heat, light and tones with each other. Heat techniques immediately brush away your accumulated tiredness and stress. You won’t be able to know dimensions of Magic Hands until you get it.

 This massage is very popular and always different because each person is an individual.

When massage is not suitable – contraindications

  • allergy / intolerance to heat, acute conditions (inflammation, fever, infection, flu)cancer (during and after cure)
  • diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure (untreated)
  • epilepsy, varicose veins, skin diseases (open wounds, psoriasis, eczema)
  • heart disease
  • After a stroke, after surgery, injury,
  • if you take antibiotics,
  • sunburns

 If you suffer from one of these mentioned contraindications, however you get massage and you insist to have a massage from me, I will ask you for clearance from your doctor before giving a massage.