The touch of the soul

Relax massage live touch in Brno

In this relaxing massage we will stop the time for a while. Right from the beginning, you can listen to the magical tones of the Tibetian bowl that I play on your body, and the vibrations will induce a sense of peace from it. I have combined the very popular Hawaiian technique of lomi lomi (forearm massage) with amazing touches of fingertips and nails. Different intensive to fine scratches on your body will bring you a sense of well-being. Hot oil intensifies relaxation. From the very beginning, I will pamper you with a loving touch, and you will be relieved and enriched with a new experience. With a longer massage, I can enrich you with an energetic body process, activate your own energy in the body, dissolve the accumulated blocks, and simultaneously harmonize the whole body. Each massage is always different and intuitive. I believe you will fall in love with this massage and you will love to return for it.